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Hiya I'm Tonya! I'm an avid psper, have been for a few years and finally have me a blog that I've been working on slowly getting stuff added to. I started writing tuts and recently started making masks and templates. I LOVE to see creations you've made with my things, if you'd like to email me please do so at aquaspinner@hotmail.com My TOU are as follows: All of my items are personal use only NO Commercial Use, please do not share (distribute) my stuff in groups, just send people here to grab please. ♥ Tutorial writers, if you wish to use my stuff in your tutorials, of course I am honored! You're more than welcome to use my stuff in them, I only require that you link to me and send people here to grab the goodies that you are using in the tut. On my cluster frames - there is NO need to credit me. If you wish to give credit, please give to the scrapkit designer, I just assembled on those that allow me to do so. Hope you'll enjoy what I have for ya and thanks for stopping by. ♥

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
CT Tag for Tasha's Playground using an amazing kit she has recently re-released at CDO called Release Me.  This is a gorgeous kit filled with striking shades of purples, blacks, and dark greens to give you the ideas of moments of reflection of a more peaceful and happier time.  The memories that flood back as you are transported to a time of years past is the magic of this scrapkit, which can be purchased exclusively at CDO here.

I used with a gorgeous tube by Anna Marine which seems to fit this kit perfectly in theme.  You can purchase her art tubes here at CDO.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017
CT Tag for the incredible Rebecca Sinz using a wonderful image of hers called Sapphire Angel.  This angel has seen some pain, watches over you as you feel you are in times of strife alone, but she has never left your side.  The pain she sees you feeling is her pain too, she feels the same sorrow and carries it with her as she goes.  You can purchase this wonderful image in Rebecca's store here.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017
CT Tag for the amazing Amy of Gimptastic Scraps.  She released a stunning kit Believe recently at CDO that is just divine.  I love the soothing colors of this one and the theme of believing in the magic of fairy-tales that she has done with this one.  Our childhood memories of the magic of story-time, the hearing of the magic place where fairies do exist and the sparkly trails that follow them.  You can re-visit this with this wonderful kit, which may be purchased exclusively at CDO here.

I used with the amazing art of Alena Lazareva which seemed to match this kit to perfection.  You can purchase her art tubes at CDO here as well.

I also made a matching wallpaper for this one too:

You can download it here, in size 1920x1080.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017
CT tag for Chichi Designz using an amazing kit of hers called Purple Desire.  This kit is just so very pretty, it is a great one for celebrating the magic of springtime as the flowers begin to grow and bloom around you.  The smell is so sweet and fragrant - the beautiful lilac and bold colors as nature comes back to life to show her strength.  You can purchase this amazing kit of Cindy's in her store here.

I decided to use this with an amazing tube by Olga Fomina, whose stunning art tubes are available for purchase at CDO here.

There is also a cluster frame freebie:

You can download it here, please leave some love if you do ♥

I have also made a timeline set for this wonderful kit, it just showcases the magical beauty of the spring season so perfectly I could not resist using this ethereal tube by Alena Lazareva, whose art tubes can be purchased here at CDO.

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Monday, March 20, 2017
CT Tag for Dee of Dees'Sign Depot using a wonderful bundle set of hers called Kisses to Heaven.  This is a very spiritually themed kit that is perfect for those creations you want to add a note of sympathy and thoughts to those that are going through a loss.  In remembrance, this kit will let you add the perfect touch to let others know you are thinking of them during their time of loss.  You can purchase this wonderful bundle, which includes scrapkit, cluster frames, and matching clusters all for a bargain price, here in Dee's store.

I decided to use with the amazing art of Enamorte, whose art tubes are available for purchase here at CDO.  As soon as I saw this image release I thought immediate of this kit, so perfect for it.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017
Tag creation I have made using a wonderful new scrapkit that Rebel Dezigns made to match this month's bonus tube at CDO for newly released artist Yuriko Shirou.  The darkness of this art and matching kit are absolutely divine.  This beautiful image tells a story of the darkness one can carry with them through life.  The pain faced, the storms endured, yet through it all, we weather the storm, we carry on because that is what we do.  Whatever does not defeat us will only make us stronger and makes our spirit eternal in our inner struggles.  You can purchase this wonderful scrapkit exclusively at CDO here.

I could not resist using the matching bonus tube, I just love this image and this kit was absolutely perfect for it.  You can receive this tube free at CDO if you purchase $10 or more (after any discounts applied) of Yuriko's art during the month of March.  But hurry, this offer is only available through March 31st.  Check out Yuriko's art tubes available for purchase here at CDO.

I also decided to make a matching wallpaper:

You can download it here in size 1920x1200 or here in size 1920x1080.

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CT Tag for Barbara Jensen and Ladyhawwk Designs using another tube from Barb's amazing new package, wow this entire package is truly a must have, and with all the layers she puts into them you have so many options!   With this one I worked with Embraced - she is embracing the beauty of all of the wonders of nature.  She has found herself in her garden which brings her the purest of joys, the arrival of springtime has bloomed all around her as she trims and preens to make the garden look its most magnificent.  You can purchase this wonderful tube in Barb's new package here in her store.  I paired it up with a new kit by Ladyhawwk as well called Garden Party which was just perfect for the theme of this tube.  You can purchase this kit here in Barb's store as well.

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